Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Granny Square Crochet Bags - with a bit of knitting too!

...... just sitting in front of the tv - I always keep some needles and yarn nearby and cant resist doing something! The two red and green/white bag are crochet granny squares, and I have also knitted linings for them.  The smallest bag is diagonal garter stitch with a knitted lining.

Diagonal garter stitch: ...... (good for easy scarves)
Cast on (any amount) of stitches.
At the end of each row - inc 1 stitch - (k1 then through back of loop in the same stitch.)
- that's more or less it!
To start going straight - just k2tog (dec.) on the opposite edge (still increasing on the other edge) - until you have your length.

If you want a nice edge: slip 1 kw at the beginning of each row and p1 at the end of each row.
(this edging is very easy to sew - if you have to stitch a seam).

To make a knitted square with diagonal stitching - start with 3 stitches, increase (as above) until you have the size you want, then start decreasing (as above) back to 3 stitches, and thread yarn through these to finish off.


Judy S. said...

Fun idea! Useful, too!

Shirl R said...

Thanks Judy - hope all is good with you.xxx